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Dörr Motorsport: Damage Limitation by Overall Win

The third race of the 2012 VLN Endurance Championship Nürburgring was full of ups and downs for Dörr Motorsport. While the team from Frankfurt, Germany was the overall winner with the BMW Z4 M Coupé, the other cars of the team had problems during the race.

Just like last year, the 54th ADAC ACAS H&R Cup was the third race of the Endurance Championship Nürburgring season. Dörr Motorsport participated with four cars at the racing weekend: the team from Frankfurt entered the McLaren MP4-12C GT3, the BMW M 3 GT4, the MINI as well as the BMW Z4 M Coupé. The second McLaren was not used due to the current preparations for the 24-hour race.

Arno Klasen, Henri Moser, who made his debut for Dörr Motorsport, and Kai Riemer secured P20 in the qualification session. Technical problems just before the end of the qualifying session made better lap times impossible. The BMW Z4 with Rudi Adams, Stefan Aust and Rolf Scheibner started the 4-hour race from eleven places behind, from start position 31, taking start position 1 in their class.

Early Retirement for the McLaren MP4-12C GT3

A total of 27 GT3 cars, the fastest cars of the VLN Endurance Championship, participated in the 4-hour race. Consequently, the first laps were quite crowded and turbulent in the top group. Driving the McLaren MP4-12C GT3 at the start, Kai Riemer felt the effects when he collided with a competitor and was forced to retire after just a few laps.

Z4 M Coupé with Reliable Performance

After a good qualifying session Rudi Adams, Stefan Aust and Rolf Scheibner completed the race without problems, finishing 29th in the overall standings and 1st in their class. With this result the BMW Z4 M Coupé built on last season’s performance when Dörr Motorsport completed quite a few successful races in this car in the second half of the year. The first driver, Rudi Adams said after the race “We really enjoyed ourselves today and the car is a lot of fun to drive at the Nordschleife”.

ADAC Rookie Team: Damaged Tyre Prevents Completion of the Race

After completing only a few laps in the MINI during the two previous racing weekends, the pilots of the ADAC Rookie Team were more successful at the start of this weekend. The cause for the loss of power which led to problems during the last few races was detected and repaired. Nothing was standing in the way for Felix Körbel, Andre Kursim and Maximilian to compete in the race. Körbel took over for the first part and managed to gain places. However, shortly before the regular driver change, the car had a damaged tyre. Felix Körbel said later, “I noticed the damaged tyre in the Hatzenbach section and I tried to slowly drive the car to the pit in order not to damage anything”. Taking over the MINI, Maximilian Schwarz did not get very far. In his second lap a drive shaft broke which resulted in an early retirement.

Der BMW M 3 GT4 with Uwe Ebertz, Stefan Kenntemich and Fabian Wrabetz in the cockpit completed the 4-hour race like the first race of the season, with almost no problems besides a minor collision with a competitor.

After the race which was aborted about 10 minutes before the official end due to a crash, team principal Rainer Dörr said, “The class win with the BMW Z4 M Coupé is nice for the team but it is no consolation for the fact that we were not able to collect more important data for the 24-hour race due to the early retirement of the McLaren”.

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